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Top 7 eCommerce Mobile App Development Trends of Today And Tomorrow


It can be said without a doubt that the eCommerce industry is booming every year, and in the coming years as well, the story will not going to be different. If you have been a close observer of the eCommerce industry over the years, you must have noticed that its growth and popularity have been multifold after the Covid-19 pandemic. Although it still existed before the pandemic, its pace has boosted post-pandemic as it was the only option left for the public and businesses in the lockdown-imposed environment.

The rise in the eCommerce industry has let businesses globally practice the power of technology and join the race of innovation. In today’s highly competitive market, organizations of all levels of growth are always on the lookout to implement new trends designed around their customer expectations and step ahead of their competitors. In the last 2-3 years, the volume of mobile users has rosed up and motivated businesses to give their best efforts in showcasing their best faces to customers on small screens. In this blog, we will discuss the trends of eCommerce Mobile Development that will continue to be part of the growth strategy. Our sales and marketing team has brainstormed some of the top mobile app development trends that will continue to dominate in the coming years.

  • Videos

We live in an age where people love to watch videos as they are visually appealing to the eyes and give a better engagement experience than any other form of content. Using videos is a great feature you can add to your eCommerce mobile application to make the user experience interesting and persuade customers to spend more time on the application. An engaging video of people wearing the product or using the service provides better and more effective branding results to businesses than a collection of photos, especially in terms of clothing and gadgets. Users, especially millennials, are heavily influenced by videos to make the final purchase decision, and therefore, it is something that can never be skipped if you are making a new eCommerce application for your business.

  • Chatbots

It goes without saying that we all are part of a customer-centric ecosystem where businesses need to adopt/modify business strategies keeping their customers as the focal point of attention. To meet customer expectations and quickly understand, and resolve their queries, one of the best practices businesses can achieve is utilizing AI-powered Chatbots.

Chatbots can be used in eCommerce applications and work as a 24/7 active representative of your business. As per Gartner, Chatbots can easily manage 25% of customer service, and support operations can drastically reduce the workload and boost productivity at the same time. Chatbots are a great tool to drive more sales, deliver a real-time interactive experience to users, and enhance the brand value of your eCommerce business.

  • Artificial Intelligence

We all are part of a digitally driven and influenced society where automation has taken the front seat and holds the steering wheel in almost every industry. Online shoppers are leveraging the power of Artificial intelligence to get a personalized experience from eCommerce applications. Businesses are using Artificial Intelligence software and tools to capture their potential customer’s behavior and showcase themselves as per their expectations. AI can also help in recommending products as per user activity and industry trends, making it one of the latest mobile app development trends to adopt in the eCommerce application to make the most of your application and boosting of sales.

  • AR and VR Technology

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR(Virtual Reality) are among the best technologies that are revolutionizing the customer experience and getting miles ahead in personalization. AR technology assists shoppers in visualizing products in the real world which drastically enhances customer satisfaction in terms of products purchased from the app. VR technology is mainly responsible for delivering a store experience that looks very much like an offline mode of shopping and helps customers with their purchases. Many leading eCommerce brands have started implementing this amalgamation of technology and marketing in app development and witnessed tremendous responses from users, resulting in boosted sales.

  • Livestream shopping

Post-pandemic, there has been a drastic change in live shopping on social media platforms, mainly through platforms like Instagram & Facebook, and YouTube. Livestream shopping has risen due to the extensive number of social media users majorly active on all platforms and following their favorite brands. In the process of Livestream shopping, the brands can show their products and services and pin them so that the viewers can tap on the pin and add the products to their shopping cart.

Conversion rates generated through Livestream shopping have shown phenomenal outcomes that other channels and are expected to rose even more in the coming years. As an eCommerce business, you can consider implementing the same for your business and experience positive results.

  • Buy-now-pay-later services

Just like Chatbots, one more practice used by businesses to gain more customers is implementing the option of Buy-now-pay-later. As the name already reveals, this service allows customers to make a purchase and then pay for it later in full or through monthly installments. The buy-now-pay-later service has received a great response from customers, especially millennials, looking for flexible ways of making payments.

  • Secure Digital Payments

Not just in India, customers all over the world are preferring the digital payment mode for a quick and easy buying process. Different modes of channels such as eWallets, net banking, contactless cards, and many other modes of digital payments are introduced and providing numerous options to customers for buying the products/services. In the coming years, eCommerce apps with the most number of digital payment solutions will going to be effective tools to facilitate users in making speedy and secure purchases.

Integrating the different modes of digital payments and making them fully secure to keep the customer’s banking information confidential is one of the top mobile app development trends you should be aware of for your business.

Closing Notes

Apart from these above-mentioned points, numerous other factors would surely be playing a vital role to enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales. It becomes imperative for businesses to always remain active in terms of adopting practices happening in the industry. However, it should always be done after understanding all the essential factors. We have mentioned in our previous blog the areas to watch out for before adopting any new trend for your business.

We at eCommfy, are one of the fastest-growing eCommerce website development platforms, delivering reliable and faster solutions for businesses standing at different levels of growth. If you are an offline business that wishes to go online for enhancing your reach or looking to modify from an old eCommerce platform to a new and updated one, we can surely help. Get in touch with our eCommerce experts and experience the best of eCommerce for your business.

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