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Find jumping on every trend attractive for your eCommerce business? Think again!

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Businesses are always in a rat race to deploy the latest eCommerce trends by implementing technologies and advancements to drive customers their way. It has become essential for businesses to stay up-to-date on trends happening in their industry to stay competitive and give a stellar online experience to customers. As an eCommerce business owner, if you think that solely following trends commenced by another organization can give the same amount of results for your organization, you need to think again. Following the upcoming trends in ecommerce as per other websites is easier said than done as every business has different issues, manpower, expertise, and most importantly – funds. Also, being completely dependent on trends puts you in the category of ‘follower’ and diminishes the true smell of your business identity. Organizations at all levels of growth seek to capture the attention of their audience in this overcrowded business environment. The best approach is to do the brainstorming and create your separate path rather than following the footsteps of another brand(s). You, as a brand owner, need to understand that what worked for some other biggie in your industry might not work for you. Hopping on every new trend as per the eCommerce market not just utilizes your limited resources but also risks your brand image. It also gives the impression that you have nothing unique to offer to your customers that makes you stand out from the rest.

So, should you completely ignore current happenings around the e Commerce Market as a business owner?

It’s not that you should force your marketing department to stop taking inspiration from other brands and brainstorm everything from scratch. After all, everyone needs to be updated with what’s happening to grow and evolve around the industry. The best thing you can do is analyze every trend floating around and then make the decision of adopting or skipping it for your business.
Some of the ways to make the most of trends ( IN A CORRECT WAY WITHOUT HAMPERING WHO YOU ARE)
  1. Clarity:

    Having a clear vision of your business allows you to understand your brand and what makes it different from others. It also lets you select the trend that resonates or fits well with your brand or the message you want to communicate to your target audience.

  2. Find your voice:

    Use your business logic to analyze what value your brand can earn by following the trend. Every business has a different voice to communicate with its audience. If a new trend that is creating a buzz on social media isn’t vibing at all with your brand, simply skip it.

  3. Selection of Platforms:

    Instagram allows you to be funny, LinkedIn wants you to be professional, and Twitter needs you to be short and specific. Every platform has a different section audience and therefore, select the trend as per the intended platform and capitalize accordingly.

  4. Feedback:

    You know what makes the big brands the best in their industry – they listen to their people and mold themselves as per their expectations. Take feedback from your customers and how they feel about your brand and use their suggestions to brand your business accordingly.

  5. Consistent:

    Not every trend provides you with the most compelling outcome per your expectations, but that does not mean you should stop trying and experimenting with what’s happening now in the industry. At the end of the day, being consistent with your approach works better in the long run to create a path for your customers.


The success of an eCommerce website lies in the features it provides to its users. At eCommfy, we provide our customers with eCommerce websites having features depending on the type of business and also keep up with the latest trends as per the industry. We can suggest and provide features designed to solve the business purpose. Feel free to contact our team, in case you need to know more about eCommfy.

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