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Tips To Choose The Best eCommerce Platform For Your Business

Tips to choose the best ecommerce platform

You must have likely heard from someone who said they are making the best sales after taking it online. Over the period of time, numerous businesses globally have rapidly adopted the digital way of selling their products/services to customers.

The high growth of smartphones, affordable prices of the internet and the convenience to shop from anywhere has widely contributed to the astronomical growth of online commerce, which is visible in almost every industry. eCommerce is enormously penetrating the market, and according to Forbes, the industry will reach 3-4 trillion dollars by 2025.

With this, many organizations are undergoing a rapid transition and complexly shifting to digital commerce to stay competitive in their industry. From B2B startups to mid-size to blue chip organizations, the adopters of digitalization are everywhere.

Many B2B companies are considering taking the help of eCommerce platforms that provide several tools and services which help in areas of:

    • 1. Reaching more customers
  • 2. Better sales process
  • 3. Enhanced brand awareness
  • 4. Improved efficiency

However, to get the best results for your eCommerce website, there is a genuine need to consider all the aspects that can lead you towards getting a perfectly aligned eCommerce platform for startup or at any level of your business. In this blog, you will know some essential tips to help you select the best eCommerce platform for your business.

How to opt for the best eCommerce platform for your business?

The following parameters should be taken into consideration while you select the eCommerce platform for your business. Choosing the right option is purely based on your goals, objectives, and needs. The more you brainstorm, the better results you obtain from your chosen eCommerce platform.


When it comes to challenges, the B2B industry is far more complicated and time taking in comparison to its B2C counterpart. There are numerous issues, including a procurement process, purchase approvals, and purchase cycles, which businesses go through to simplify their selling operations.

If you are too sailing in the same boat, it becomes crucial to have an eCommerce platform that provides numerous features per your needs. A functional eCommerce website will contribute to enhancing your business operations and improving the user purchase cycle.

Render correctly across multiple devices

Smartphone users are rising multitude, which is also collectively upscaling m-commerce. People nowadays prefer their mobile phones and tablets for their purchases, making it necessary for businesses to look and work phenomenally on every screen.

Customers are genuinely more interested in eCommerce websites that are responsive on their mobile phones and appear attractive in terms of accessibility and optimization.

If your eCommerce platform provides you with a website that renders flawlessly, it will help you to drive consistency in conversion rates and a larger happy audience to your business.

Product Catalog Management

Whether it’s an offline brick-and-mortar setup or a digitally advanced eCommerce website, the success rule to dominate in any industry is to keep the customers as your main character. The more customer-centric your business is, the more chances of its success in your industry get it.

To get more oriented towards your customers, the best strategy you can adopt for your business is adopting product catalogue management. The eCommerce platform you are opting for your business should have catalogue management features such as uniform product listing, seamless product management and enhanced product filter options.

It lets your users get easy and quick solutions while searching for anything on your eCommerce website. Streamlined catalogue management permits you to manage all sorts of operations that help you systematically manage your website.


Due to ever-changing customer expectations, it becomes paramount for businesses to work on scalability to survive and thrive in the digital world

A website that takes around 3 seconds to load will experience a 32% bounce rate, while one that takes 5 seconds will experience a 90% bounce rate.

This means, your customers don’t like to wait. While selecting the ideal eCommerce platform, choose the one that lets you modify front-end and back-end functionalities without interrupting the process at any stage of business.

Easy ERP integration

Managing inventory would be impossible without an ERP platform to maximize efficiency through automation.

You can manage your day-to-day operations more efficiently with ERP software that integrates your back-office functions (such as inventory management, accounting, and human resources).

It is critical that your B2B ecommerce platform offers seamless ERP integration so that all activity associated with your online store gets synchronized with your backend operations.

You’ll also be able to get your online store up and running faster by choosing an ecommerce platform that integrates with your ERP.

Secure Payment Gateways

Similar to Product Catalog Management, Payment Gateway is also one of the crucial elements to making a customer-centric eCommerce website.

To match the expectations of your customers, offering multiple payment gateways is one of the great practices you must be having on your eCommerce website. Having numerous payment gateways helps in boosting your customer loyalty and drastically improves the checkout experience.

Make sure your eCommerce platform developer provides you with all the latest and popular payment gateways that most people generally prefer for purchase.

Marketing & Promotion Tools

The success of any business depends upon marketing which makes it a necessary thing to have in the digital ecosystem. In order to succeed in the business world and make your brand stand out from the competition, choosing a platform offering marketing and promotional tools becomes necessary.

Discount coupons, free shipping, and promo codes are some of the widely used marketing schemes used by businesses in order to boost their sales.

Technical Support

Whatever ecommerce platform you choose, you are bound to face technical issues or have questions at some point. Being a B2B business owner, you cannot afford to wait hours or days to get your issues resolved.

Be sure you commit to a platform that has a splendid success rate in solving your technical glitches or any issues.

Summing Up

While opting for the ‘One’ eCommerce platform for business, identify all your business needs. Having an eCommerce website for your business comes with lots of responsibilities, which a business needs to take care of for smoother functioning.

Make sure your eCommerce website platform has all the necessary features worth your research, time, effort and, most importantly, money.

With eCommfy, we can help you make an ideal eCommerce website that meets all your needs for your growing business. We are a team of eCommerce experts, designers, and developers who have introduced the finest eCommerce features that make sure all your business priorities get attention.

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