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Crucial trends for B2B eCommerce

Today, when the once fancy term ‘eCommerce’ is a household thing, we would like to talk about Business to Business eCommerce industry. Which is relatively behind in the graph but has a wider scope in the application. eCommerce is evolving as a preferred buying method for business customers. Instead of one to one engagement with vendors, business owners now prefer the online method of research and buying. In 2015, Google found that approx half of B2B buyers are millennials, nearly double the number from 2012. Which means that B2B companies must consider what it is that millennials want. B2B companies are moving towards eCommerce as they realize that their customers find eCommerce more beneficial with the seamless online buying experience. Here are some factors playing important role in building the future of business to business eCommerce:
  • The need of online marketplace
  • Mobile Technology
  • The multi-channel environment encourages more business
  • Content is the priority for strategy making
The infographic below can provide us with a better understanding of the trends shaping the future of B2B eCommerce. Crucial-Trends-for-B2B-eCommerce-Infographic-eCommfy-eCommerce-Simplified Conclusion There are a number of other B2B trends in eCommerce with an amazing impact on the industry. If there are any other key trends that you are aware of, please share them with us in the comments below.

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