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Top 5 must have Components for an eCommerce Website

Online selling is one of the major business strategy retailers are using to expand their business rapidly. But, to make sure that their eCommerce business is performing correctly, there are a few requisite components of eCommerce websites that need to be included while setting up an online store. According to the below shared statistics by Statista, it is certain that in the forthcoming days, there is no downfall predicted in the eCommerce industry. eCommerce Trends - Statista Considering the fact that retail business has got a larger inclination in performing well in their eCommerce business nowadays, there are several technical and marketing integrations required for the successful run of n eCommerce business.
  1. Payment Integrations
  2. Mobile Compatibility
  3. Scalable Infrastructure
  4. Shipping Integration
  5. Advanced user experience

Payment Integrations:

 The ease of payment is one of the primary requirement a customer seeks while shopping online. Very often customers bounce back as a result of an unsecured payment gateway experience on the shopping websites whereas they prefer to proceed further after observing a familiar payment method. Since there are people who have prioritized different methods as their primary payment method, a good eCommerce website gives its users plenty of payment options that they can choose as per their convenience.

Responsive Design:

 Considering the fact that there are a large number of users who prefer mobiles or tablets to make online purchases, this scenario makes it mandatory for any eCommerce website to be mobile friendly in order to provide a smooth online shopping experience to the buyers. That is why mobile compatibility should be one of the primary requirements for online sellers while setting up their eCommerce stores. Responsive Web Design - eCommfy

Scalable Infrastructure:

 Scalability is the elementary factor that affects an online business in the long run. It needs to be taken care of either while setting up the new eCommerce store or while revamping an existing store for handling a large number of traffic and listings. Your website must be ready to tackle incoming traffic increasing day by day. The lag in loading of a website may result in the loss of potential customers as a customer always has an option to go to a competitor’s website. So the point is, your hosting infrastructure should be able to scale up when your website starts getting more and more traffic.

Shipping Integration:

A reliable shipping integration is necessary to ensure smooth delivery process by providing real-time shipment updates to your customers. A great shipping experience includes transparency, speed, ease of use, smooth delivery management and much more.

Rich User Experience:

The most important component to be considered in any eCommerce website is the user-friendly UI/UX that provides seamless online shopping experience to the visitors. The best approach to provide such User Experience is to use simple and clear design, SEO friendly landing pages, easy navigation throughout the entire website, simple sign-in feature and easy checkout options.


There are various other factors that need to be taken care of while setting up an eCommerce store, but these are the primary ones. So make sure that your eCommerce store equips with all the above shared factors. If there are any other factors that you think should be primarily included while setting up an eCommerce store, then feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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