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5 Customer Pain Points To Fix In Your eCommerce Website

Customer Satisfaction has been a focal point of any business in order to thrive in their respective industry. It has become essential for business owners to design strategies keeping their customers in mind and ensuring they don’t get to face any issues while purchasing any product or service. In terms of the eCommerce industry, people globally have accepted the online way of shopping with open arms due to the massive advantages it offers. However, in order to make it as per the expectations of your customers, there is a lot to be discovered to make an eCommerce website better than before. In this blog, we have covered some of the pain points customers experience in eCommerce websites which can be deal breakers or red flags in online shopping if not resolved by business owners. We hope that by going through these points, you can redesign or modify your eCommerce website and make it more appealing and easier to function for your customers. But first, understand how to resolve several pain points in customer experience. What are consumer pain points and how you can identify them? eCommerce pain points are the issues or areas of concern your customers are facing while shopping from your eCommerce website. As every customer is different and can face dissimilar pain points, the best thing is to identify the pain points by asking your customers to give an opinion regarding their shopping experience from your eCommerce website. Collecting the overall feedback will serve as a process through which you can get the root cause of the issues your customers are facing and how you can turn that into a delightful shopping experience.

5 Crucial Pain Points of eCommerce Customers

1. Limited Payment Options

If you want to ensure your business can reach a wider range of audience, you need to provide as many payment options on your eCommerce website for your customers. Many shoppers abandon their purchase when they don’t find their preferred payment option on an eCommerce website. If you are running an eCommerce website, offer new and trendy payment options that are majorly opted for by consumers in your region of business. .

2. Long and Complicated Checkout process

Considering the data collected from, approx. 87% of customers will abandon their purchase if they find the checkout process to be long and complicated. It’s a hard pill to swallow if your customer declines to purchase from your eCommerce even after having a clear intention to buy your product. Having too many elements on a single page can lead to confusion for the customers regarding the purchase. The best approach in designing the checkout page should be simplicity. All the pop-up buttons, recommendations and advertisements should be avoided, keeping the checkout button concise. .

3. No Or Less Customer Support

The importance of customer support in the success of a business is paramount no matter it’s brick and mortar or online. Most customers genuinely need assistance the moment they enter the eCommerce website to make a purchase. Some of the scenarios where customer need support in an eCommerce website is: .
  • Enquiry about the product

  • Buying the product

  • Cancellation

  • Feedback

Customer support serves as the first touchpoint of the business with the end user. Hence it becomes necessary to have it crystal clear and satisfactory.

4. Low-Quality Product Search

One of the most overlooked or skipped aspects in eCommerce websites is the poor filtering that affects the decision-making process of customers. Numerous eCommerce websites do not possess product category-oriented filtering that does not help customers in narrowing down the process of buying the product. To overcome this issue, eCommerce websites need to introduce multiple filters as per the product range they offer to customers. Having a proper filter will also help you introduce more products on your website without facing any difficulty. .

5. Frequent Out of Stock

If the products on your eCommerce store are getting rapidly out of stock, it’s a negative sign that can diminish the brand image for their customers. In the era of cutthroat competition, customers have many options to buy whatever they like. Hence, getting out of stock can turn them into your competitor. Having a proper inventory management system is essential to save your eCommerce website from frequently getting out of stock. A robust inventory management system will serve as a medium between your website and the warehouse and anticipate sales in advance, especially during the festive and discount season. .

Take away

As a business owner, you must have heard this term a thousand times – Customer is King. Even today, this term is true and will remain that forever. Understanding customer expectations by putting yourself in their shoes is the only way to thrive in the industry. To understand your customers better, you can conduct feedback sessions with them and identify the major issues faced on regular basis. We hope our mentioned some of the top pain points in customer experience in your eCommerce store has definitely served you adequate knowledge.

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